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Toucan Eco Worktop (aka 3) is designed to clean and disinfect smaller workplaces and the home, as well as to trial the range.

The model let’s you make one litre of powerful, eco-friendly and safe multipurpose disinfectant cleaner that kills more than 99.99% of germs using just water, salt and electricity. That’s it. It’s powerful, eco-friendly and safe, and replaces most chemical cleaners and the single use plastic bottles they are supplied in.

The solution contains 99.99% water, hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite at a gentle pH. It is certified to EN 14476 and EN 16777 for viruses and EN 1276 and EN 13697 for bacteria, registered as an EU biocide, is food-safe and hypoallergenic,

To make, simply fill with tap water, 2g of table salt, then activate which takes five minutes. Then spray, wipe or mop and surface, including glass and fabrics. For stains, spray and leave to soak. Can be used as a deodoriser and is a safe way to fog larger areas.

The kit includes the 1L jug, activation base, measuring spoon, stirring rod, atomiser spray bottle, some salt to get you started, and a 1-year guarantee.

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 41 × 12 × 29 cm

10 reviews for Toucan Eco Worktop

  1. Lisa Webster (verified owner)

    This review has been quite a long time coming as I wanted to really test the product and see what it can do.

    Firstly, it is so easy to make the solution itself: add water up to the fill line, 2 level scoops of salt, a quick mix and away you go. There is a very faint chlorine smell, the solution goes cloudy and creates a really cool whirlpool, which with the blue light looks amazing. The solution is ready in about 5 mins, it will beep to tell you, the light goes off and the solution goes back to clear.

    Decant this into the spray mister bottle. The bottle itself is great, provides a continuous mist as opposed to the stop/start effects of a normal spray bottle, allowing you quickly and evenly coat any surface, even upside down, though you will need to keep turning the right way to refill the supply tube.

    My main reason for wanting the Toucan Eco was as a safe and affordable disinfectant for the corvids I rehab. Anyone who keeps birds knows that bird safe products tend to be on the pricey side. Whilst the initial layout for this isn’t cheap, in the long run it will work out much cheaper. I make up 3 jugs of the solution for my outside aviary, 1 jug for the mister to do perches etc and the other 2 are used for scrubbing the floor. The solution reverts back to a weak salt water state. I have used this twice a week since the beginning of July and I’m really impressed with it, no harmful side effects to anything, including insects that got saturated.

    I use this solution daily, especially since Covid, I spray all produce, including fruit and vegetables and just allow them to drain (fruit/veg then get rinsed). Door handles, taps, bannisters, cupboard and drawer handles get a light misting several times a day. Spray onto a cloth for light switches and remotes etc. All pet bowls; cat, bird and snake are sprayed before washing. The bathroom and kitchen are cleaned with this too.

    The solution doesn’t bleach so can be used on fabrics, great for stinky t shirts and socks (and feet) before going in the washer in this heatwave and shoes get a spray at night.

    Another reason my review was delayed was because I have done so much research into hypochlorous acid, I really wanted to explore what else this can be used for, and I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface I think.

    All in all, I absolutely love my Toucan Eco and use it daily for a multitude of things and if you’re undecided I highly recommend it, you won’t be disappointed. Customer service is excellent and my many queries were answered quickly.

  2. Chetan Gudka

    We are so pleased with the Toucan Eco III, the solution is so easy to make, easy to use and very safe in our clinical / retail industry. It is great to have an ecologically and environmentally friendly disinfecting and sanitising product. It is soft on the hands unlike the alcohol based products. Highly recommended!

    • Briz

      Thanks Chetan and I hope it’s of use as you safely reopen!

  3. Stuart

    After lots of consideration I finally bought a Toucan Eco III a couple of months ago and wish I’d have done it sooner!

    Simply put, the device is genius. You wouldn’t think that something so easy to use can create a disinfectant that’s safe, effective and much better for the environment, but Toucan ticks all the boxes.

    Knowing that the solution is harmless, you feel much safer in spraying it in places you would never spray a traditional cleaner. My surfaces have never been so clean, and with zero disposable plastic, you can spray guilt-free too!

    It’s revolutionised the way I look at cleaning and I cannot recommend it enough. Well done on a fantastic product!

  4. Geoff

    Really simple, quick, easy and most importantly very effective. Brilliant

    • Toucan Eco

      Thanks for the review and feedback Geoff.

  5. BEN

    I absolutely love this product. Myself and my wife use it all over the house and with my wife being pregnant and having a 2 year old around the house there is no risk of harm to anyone. Fantastic!

    • Toucan Eco

      Thanks Ben, great to hear it’s of use.

  6. Karen

    I am very happy with the Toucan Eco III.

    I make a brew on a weekly basis and drop of bottles full of it to my mum, sister and mothering Law’s houses where all their family are using it to sanitise, whether it be in the car, work, shopping or when they take the dogs out.
    Everyone has said it works really well when cleaning around the house too.

    Very good product.

  7. Annie

    This product has changed my entire way of cleaning. It’s an amazing bit of kit. I have several health issues which means keeping germs at bay is an absolute must in my house. Knowing that I have my Toucan Eco and I can have the solution made in just a few minutes is incredible. I feel safe in the knowledge that all my surfaces, bathroom, kitchen, floors, the car, my medical equipment, pretty much everything, is disinfected and safe.

    Also on a personal note, as a former ITU nurse, I can’t tell you how much I wish we could have had electrolysed water to disinfect our hands with back then. All of us had horrendously cracked and dry skin due to the high alcohol content of the hospital hand sanitiser. So this is just another example of the fantastic uses for the solution.

    I have found a huge difference in the amount of plastic I now use, and it’s completely because I just don’t need to buy and cleaners or disinfectants.

    The scope of this product is truly amazing. Thanks to the creators for making such an awesome product, which ESPECIALLY right now during this coronavirus pandemic, is keeping me and my family safe. You guys rock!

    • Toucan Eco

      Hi Annie, it’s amazing to read this and so pleased it’s helping you in this way. ?

  8. The Secret Cleaner

    It’s great having unlimited access to disinfectant. Better for the environment in so many ways. The unit is easy to use.

    • Toucan Eco

      Thank you ? and glad you like it.

  9. Helen

    As well as cleaning my home with it I’m also using this as a sanitiser. I don’t know what I’d do without it in our current Covid-19 situation.

    • Toucan Eco

      That’s great to hear and keep safe Helen.

  10. James

    This is a great product! Gets rid of most chemical cleaners and plastic bottle waste, and keeps my office clean and germ free. Love it.

    • Toucan Eco

      That’s just about spot on that, thank you v much for your comments.

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How to activate Toucan Eco Worktop

It takes just five minutes to make the disinfectant cleaner, using just 1 litre of tap water and 2g of table salt.

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