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Toucan® Eco eSpray lets you make a powerful, safe and eco-friendly disinfectant cleaner from just water, ordinary salt and electricity that kills more than 99.99% of germs, including the coronavirus.

It’s never been so important for surfaces to be hygienically clean and safe from bacteria and viruses, and eSpray is a revolutionary new product which replaces most household cleaning and disinfecting chemicals with just a natural solution you make on demand.

Compact and easy to use, it puts the power of electrochemically activated water at your fingertips. No chemicals, no single use plastic bottles. No damage to the environment. Just a proven, effective way to wipe out germs without harming the environment.

Made from 99.99% water, the solution is electrochemically activated by applying a small, electrical current. This recombines the naturally occurring elements of hydrogen, oxygen and chlorine into hypochlorous acid, an effective disinfectant, and sodium hypochlorite, a mild pH level cleaning agent.

It can go to work all around the home. It replaces general disinfectant, all-purpose cleaners, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, glass and metal cleaners, and deodorisers. It doesn’t replace strong degreasers or descalers. After seven days, the solution turns back to slightly salty water. Just make more. Simple.

Product features

  • Make your own disinfectant cleaner
  • Kills more than 99.99% of germs.
  • Fast acting antiviral and antibacterial.
  • Safe and hypoallergenic.
  • Environmentally friendly reducing chemical and plastic waste.
  • Fully accredited and proven to work.
  • Saves money and is virtually free to make.
  • Fragrance free.
  • Makes 350ml in 5 minutes.
  • Uses just water, salt and electricity.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Certified to EN 14476, EN 16777, EN 1276 and EN 13697, and registered as a EU Biocide.
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  • Product name: Toucan Eco eSpray
  • Features: Disinfectant. Cleaner. Deodoriser
  • Capacity: 350ml
  • Additives: Water (H2O). 3g salt (NaCl)
  • Active substances: Hypochlorous acid (HOCl). Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO)
  • Efficacy: Kills more than 99.99% of germs
  • Concentration: 150ppm FAC
  • pH: 7.8 to 8.5
  • Time: 5 mins
  • Power: 10W DC 5v 2A
  • Size: 8.5 x 28 cm
  • Weight: 210g
  • Materials: Bottle body PC. Cover and base ABS
  • Certifications: EN 14476, EN 16777, EN 1276 and EN 13697 certified. And registered as a EU Biocide.
  • 1-year warranty

How to make

Toucan Eco eSpray makes 350ml of disinfectant cleaner. Simply add 3g of table salt, fill with tap water, then activate, which takes five minutes.

What it’s used for

  • Clean and disinfect any surface, including kitchens, bathrooms, fabrics and glass.
  • You can use it as a deodoriser as it kills the germs that creates the odour.
  • Use as a hand sanitiser as you would any alcohol gel.
  • Sterilise children’s toys and clothes safely.
  • Spray fresh fruit and vegetables to remove dirt and pesticides, but remember to rinse in fresh water before eating.
  • Remove trainer odour by soaking overnight.
  • Spray pets’ mucky paws and coats.
  • Water cut flowers to make them last longer.

The greener solution

The disinfectant itself is eco-friendly and kind to the planet as it’s 99.99% water and doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals. But it goes even further for the environment as it’s also really effective in eradicating waste. So, no more single-use plastic bottles going into the recycling bin, landfill or the ocean.

The safer solution

It’s also completely safe, virtually odour-free and hypoallergenic to people and animals. Read most cleaning product labels and you’ll find health warnings about being flammable, toxic and about the dangers of touching or breathing in. Ours is safe enough to wash the food you eat, your hands and even your face.

The proven solution

Stringent tests undertaken by EU accredited laboratories have shown it is more than 99.99% effective against germs with a fast contact time and virtually no regrowth. That’s why it’s already trusted by industries around the world. Contains 99.99% water, hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite at a gentle pH that is certified to EN 14476, EN 16777, EN 1276 and EN 13697, and registered as an EU biocide.

Toucan Eco eSpray
Weight 0.21 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 × 28 cm

20 reviews for Toucan Eco eSpray

  1. Claire Guider

    Absolutely brilliant product! Safe, effective, quick, cruelty-free AND cheap, what’s not to like?

    60 seconds contact time smashes any other cleaning product out of the game too! It really is spray, wipe, forget.

    I use this on literally everything – from lunch boxes to toilets to cat litter trays to the sofas – and it works. For very dirty items, I use a cloth with washing up liquid first, then go over it with my eSpray. The whole house is cleaned, dusted, wiped and scrubbed with this magic “disco water” (if you know, you know) and I’ve saved a fortune on other cleaning products; well over £20 a month. Personally, I use it with the ecloth range but it works perfectly with any cloth or sponge. Then use it as a hand sanitiser after.

    Customer services are fantastic, any questions are answered promptly, politely and with all the information you need.

    Oh and it works great as a stain remover too. Curry and grease marks on my oven gloves disappeared after a spray of this.

    I would recommend Toucan to anyone with kids, pets or a messy spouse…. it really is a game changer.

  2. Gaynor

    An efficient and workable cleaning product. It pays for itself in a short while. I would not be without it!

  3. Jo

    Simply brilliant! It’s a wonder product.

    I’ve saved so much on buying countless cleaning products as it’s such an amazing cleaner.

    I love that it’s safe on skin and I’m not filling my home with chemicals.

    I’d recommend this to anyone.

  4. Amanda Sankey (verified owner)

    Great product. Swift delivery. Very good service

  5. Joan (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing product, leaves everything sparkling ✨

  6. Sue (verified owner)

    Amazing, does everything!

  7. Lauren Ashworth

    I bought this on a recommendation. I cannot believe the numerous uses, which I do notice have cleaned effectively. This easy to use, environmentally friendly product will eventually save me pounds. Great innovation.

  8. Gaynor Edwards

    Absolutely thrilled with my new purchase. I cannot recommend this enough. Environmentally friendly spray, delivered from an easy to use very fine mist spray. Saving numerous different cleaning products, it will more than pay for itself. I love how it adapts from serious cleansing, to that of a plant spray and a foot clean for my dogs. A long-term money saver!

  9. Lindsay

    Love this machine!
    So easy to use and looks fab. Would defo recommend

  10. Joanna

    Really impressed with how easy this is to use and I can make as much as I need, exactly when I need it. Using it all around the home (even on the dog!) and have hardly touched other products in my cupboard, which means I won’t be buying them again! Feels good to be saving on the plastic waste too.

  11. Jacqui Mallett (verified owner)

    This is the product I have been waiting for to sanitise my work station, make-up products, brushes and wigs. Sits neatly on my place and really quick and efficient to make more, as well as being equally cost effective and eco-friendly. Kind to my hands and lungs too. My only criticism would be that I wish that there had been some salt in the box so that I could use it straight away without having to send my poor husband to the shops to get some (I only had Pink Himalayan – 1st world problem I know!!)

  12. Sabrina

    Absolutely fantastic product. Easy to follow instructions, very quick to make, extremely good value for money (especially in the long term) and nice looking spray bottle. Easy to hold and use. I love this product and the fact that it is environmentally friendly just adds to all the positives I have already mentioned. Would highly recommend!

  13. Patricia

    The fact that I am blind, once I was given the instruction of how to use, I have found it so easy. With me being unable to see the unit working, once the unit beeps to tell me the Toucan Eco juice is ready. I also smell the solution and it has a faint aroma of walking into a swimming baths. This is how I know the solution is ready to kill all the germs and bacteria around my home. I am extremely happy with the eSpray and I would recommend it to everyone

  14. GB

    From the moment I received this the quality of the box I wasn’t disappointed. Easy to use, all instructions and within 10 minutes I had my first home made sanitiser! Everything is being sprayed from the Kids toys to the counter worktops, chopping boards. Love the environmental angle, no more buying sanitiser in bottles for me. Oh and the sprayer bottle is fantastic comes out in an even non-drip mist so it doesn’t soak everything!

  15. Lynsey Ashton-fyfe

    Since using the Toucan Eco I feel much safer when working [hairdressing], shopping and sending my son to school. It is so easy to make and has no chemicals so I use it on everything. As Toucan Eco kills 99.99% bacteria and viruses I know it has stopped us getting poorly from Covid-19. I know this is a strong statement to make but that’s how I feel and would recommend everyone to use it. Also its great to clean and I love cleaning. Amazing product. x

  16. Pauline Moore

    I am totally sold on this amazing device. It’s so refreshing not to use as many chemicals to clean my house – it’s replaced most of my cleaning products, and everything feels really clean. I love the idea that because you make the solution yourself and as often as you like, it not only saves money but also helps toward the environment. Big plus my son likes using it too!

  17. John Clarke

    What a product!! Easy to use, effective and stylish. No need to have several different chemical cleaning sprays dotted around the home.

  18. Karen

    Excellent product, very easy to use and the biocide certification the eSpray comes with speaks volumes.

  19. David

    Great product, easy to use and incredibly versatile. I use it everywhere, cleaning the kitchen, inside the fridge, spray it on soft furnishings and other surface areas around the house. My partner says it’s great for prolonging the life of cut flowers.

  20. James

    Loving this. It’s so easy to use, and you can spray, clean and disinfect virtually anything around the home without lots of chemicals or throwing away single use plastic bottles. It’s cleaning made fun!

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