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Suitable for small to medium-sized facilities, and produces 10 litres of solution in around 15 minutes. The system includes a generator, 10 litre tank, brine salt dispenser, discharge tap and shelf. Fixings for control panel and shelf are also included.

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4 reviews for Toucan Eco Active

  1. Carol Plumridge

    We have been using our Toucan Eco Active for only 4 weeks and already I don’t know how we managed without it.
    Cleaning our Dog Daycare Centre is so much easier! We now only use the Toucan Eco.
    It is so easy to make the solution as and when needed, and has replaced the many different chemical cleaners that were necessary to ensure a safe environment for the dogs in our care.
    We use it on everything, play area flooring, walls, dog play equipment, reception area and corridors. The staff find in easy and pleasant to use. It is kind to skin and can be used as a hand sanitiser as well.
    The Daycare Centre now smells so much fresher without the use of sprays that would only mask odours for a short time and were very unpleasant to work with.
    Other benefits not expected from a disinfectant include cleaning doormats in reception, all dog feeding equipment and food preparation areas. Dog collars and leads are sprayed to prevent infection.
    Due to the current situation it is also necessary to spray the dogs on arrival and departure. Toucan Eco sprays make this an easy job.
    Thank you Toucan Eco, our Daycare Centre looks and smells fresher and cleaner than ever before.

    • Briz

      Thank you Carol and really pleased you’re finding it so useful 🙂

  2. Sue Hill

    The machine is extremely user friendly and the product has exceeded all expectations.

    We have over 30 cleaners on site and have received no negative feedback to date. All have embraced the product and enjoyed cleaning with it knowing that it is also serving as a disinfectant; reassuring knowledge in these unsettled times.

    The installation was quick and easy, and I cannot imagine ever wanting to revert back to the old system.
    As a cleaning team we are proud to be using this innovative product and will endorse it whenever we can.

    • Toucan Eco

      Thanks Sue,that’s great to hear it’s helping the Royal Naval Air Station to be shipshape and spotlessly clean.

  3. David Chesworth

    JS Bailey Ltd is a cheese processing company based in Cheshire. After trialling the effectiveness of hypochlorous solution as a sanitiser in our production facility, and finding it to be at least as effective as the sanitising chemicals that were in current use, we purchased the Toucan Eco system in October 2019 and the system has been in use since early November 2019.

    The solution is incredibly versatile and can be used in handheld trigger sprays for smaller areas, pressure sprayers for larger areas or fogging machines for whole room sanitisation. Utensils can also be soaked in the solution in between use.

    The solution is chemical free, food safe and also safe to handle with no effects on skin etc., so can be handled without the need for the use of PPE. And, as the solution contains no chemicals, organisms are unable to build resistance as is the case when the same chemical based sanitising product is used over any length of time.

    We also have our own, on-site water treatment system for the factory waste water, and as the hypochlorous solution reverts back to water, there is no detrimental effect on the treatment plant ecosystem, which we were experiencing with chlorine based cleaners.

    The initial outlay for the unit has easily been recouped by not needing to purchase chemical sanitisers, and the cost of producing 10 litres of hypochlorous is literally pence.

    All in all an excellent system and product which I definitely recommend.

    • Toucan Eco

      Thanks David and JS Bailey Cheese. It’s so interesting to hear the different benefits of the systems and how it works in various sectors.

      We chatted about this when we visited JS Bailey and it was great to learn about an industry that’s unique in terms of food production and making cheese, yet spores are a fundamental issue in cheese production that this overcomes. Fascinating stuff.

      Thank you so much for the review!

  4. James Brown

    We have now been using the Toucan Eco Active 10 litre system for 4 weeks in 2 large Royal Mail sites, Glasgow Mail Centre and Edinburgh Mail Centre. We have went from using a number of cleaning products to 1, the Toucan Eco. The feedback from my cleaners and my customer has been extremely good. Cleaners say that it is so easy to use and cleans so well and my customer comments are the plant smells and looks so clean.

    If you are looking for a first class cleaning system look no further than the Toucan Eco Active. It saves you money and cleans everything, and you will find your cleaner happy because it works so well. Your boss will be happy too because you are saving them money.

    • Toucan Eco

      Thanks James! Great to hear it’s helping Royal Mail to keep sites clean. That is first class!

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