Toucan Eco Active Plus

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Toucan Eco Active Plus is suitable for medium sized facilities and one activation, which takes around 40 minutes, produces 20 litres of disinfectant cleaner, which can be poured into bottles or buckets using either of the dilution dispensers.

The system includes a generator, 5 litre tank, brine salt dispenser, discharge tap and shelf, high volume discharge nozzle for buckets and low-volume nozzle for bottles. Fixings for control panel and shelf are included.

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3 reviews for Toucan Eco Active Plus

  1. Steve Sharkey

    As one of the first to trial Toucan Eco and now been using it in a very demanding environment I have to say it’s been an excellent replacement to the chemicals we were using. It’s safe, environmental, economic and as stated in another review the cleaning staff feel safe using it. All in all, a recommended effective product

    • Toucan Eco

      Thanks for the review Steve and really pleased it’s going down well at the Commando Training Centre.

  2. Julie Braniff

    I love Toucan Eco. We use it for everything especially through these sad times when we disinfect everything. My team love this product. Also, the military have been using Toucan for their own use and hands – I use it on my hands instead of sanitiser. Every cleaning company should use Toucan Eco.

    • Toucan Eco

      Great to hear it’s being used everywhere. And yeah, we use it as a hand sanitiser too – doesn’t dry out your hands as much as alcohol gels too.

  3. KM General Manager ESS

    Toucan Eco has been a saviour for our cleaning department. It has given our staff a sense of security in these difficult times. It cleans all surfaces, including glass and mirrors, without leaving smear marks, or a residue on wood and metal, and is extremely easy to produce. We have also been using it on our hands as it smells so fresh and clean.

    Thank you Toucan Eco.

    • Toucan Eco

      Thanks Karen for the review and great to hear it’s being used to clean and disinfect the HMS Sultan. We think that’s ace! Keep safe.

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