Eco-friendly cleaning products for commercial and domestic use

Professional office cleaning supplies from Toucan Eco

Toucan Eco provide professional eco-friendly cleaning products available for wholesale and commercial use. If being an eco-friendly business is important to you, then you’re in the right place.

The greener way to clean workplaces with Toucan Eco

Our office cleaning products contain a multipurpose disinfectant solution that kills 99.999% of microorganisms. Perfect for the everyday cleaning of your business!

Containing nothing but salt, water and electricity, Toucan Eco’s eco-friendly cleaning products are safer for your cleaners as the solution is non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-allergic to the people who use it.

Toucan Eco is designed to more sustainable than standard chemical-laden commercial cleaners. 

By switching to one of our office cleaning supplies, you no longer need to buy 80% or more of chemical cleaners, which are often supplied in single use plastic bottles. 

You’ll be reducing your business’ plastic waste and carbon footprint! 

Toucan Eco Flow

Once installed, the cost of producing our eco-friendly cleaner is virtually free as we only need salt, water and electricity to produce the solution. There aren’t any other ongoing consumables or other hidden costs!

Why choose eco-friendly cleaning products for your business?

 If your business is yet to make the switch to an eco-friendly cleaning process, you could be losing out on money, as well as putting your employees’ and the planet’s health at risk. 

So why should you switch your current office cleaning supplies? Here are just a few reasons why it’s smart to invest in a greener and more sustainable choice:


Eco-friendly cleaning products use non-toxic chemicals 


Most professional cleaning products contain hazardous and toxic chemicals that can be damaging to your cleaner’s and employees’ health. 

Instead of filling your offices and meeting rooms with thick chemical fumes, you can leave these spaces clean and safe when you switch to an eco-friendly product, like Toucan Eco, that feature only natural ingredients.

Cleaning with Toucan Eco III

There’s less waste


Plastic pollution is one of the greatest threats to our planet. By using an eco-friendly cleaning product, you’ll reduce your business’ carbon footprint by reducing your plastic and chemical waste. 

Environmentally friendly cleaning products only use natural ingredients. This reduces the need for cleaning chemicals and the single-use plastic bottles they’re supplied in, as well as the packaging, manufacturing and transportation of the chemicals. 

Cleaning with Toucan Eco III

It can save you time and stress


How often have you found yourself scrambling to replenish your office cleaning supplies? 

When you aren’t rushing to replace your stash of chemicals every few weeks, you’re able to conserve your resources, save your hard-earned money and stop lots of plastic bottles from accumulating in your bins!

Cleaning with Toucan Eco III

Businesses that trust Toucan Eco

Our eco-friendly cleaning products have been used and recommended by businesses across the UK. See how our clients made the switch to a greener way to clean, and how it benefitted them in the long run.

Commando Training Centre Royal Marines recommend Toucan Eco for chemical-free cleaning

“Having used Toucan Eco for general purpose cleaning in areas like the toilets and shower blocks, I’ve found it tough enough to disinfect and clean effectively, even here at the commando centre. The fact that Toucan Eco is more economical was a big factor and we expect the cleaning system to pay for itself within twelve months.”

Stephen, facilities manager at ESS, the government and defence support services arm of the Compass Group UK.

UWC Atlantic College adopts a sustainable cleaning regime with Toucan Eco


“For us, Toucan Eco was the next logical step in order to reduce our environmental impact. Not only have we drastically cut the use of harmful chemical cleaning agents, we’re also making considerable reductions on single-use plastic waste and the unnecessary transportation of cleaning fluids.”

Jonathan, Compass Group’s general manager at UWC Atlantic College. See how Toucan Eco was able to help cut UWC Atlantic’s carbon footprint and plastic waste here.

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A greener way to clean


Whether you’re looking for a professional eco-friendly cleaning product for your workplace, or looking to reduce plastic waste in your home, Toucan Eco has you covered. 

To book a demo, request information or anything else, get in touch to find out more.