A guide to Toucan Eco III

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A guide to Toucan Eco III

Considering buying a Toucan Eco III, which makes one litre of multipurpose disinfectant cleaner with just water, salt and electricity (we call it electrolysed water or eWater®) that kills up to 99.999% of all germs using hypochlorous acid.  And, replaces most chemical cleaners and the single use plastic bottles they’re supplied in.

Cleaning with Toucan Eco III
Introducing the Toucan Eco III

The product that’s named as it’s the third-generation model following nearly 10 years of development, testing and research?  One that’s also founded on the same biochemistry your body uses with hypochlorous acid to fight infection as part of its immune system – more information about hypochlorous acid here.

Or, you’ve already bought one and want to find out what you get and how to use it, then look no further than this useful guide to how to operate and use the Toucan Eco model that makes 1 litre of powerful, eco-friendly and safe disinfectant cleaner in just five minutes.

5 reasons why Toucan Eco is the greener way to clean

But before we start, let’s recap on what are the key benefits of Toucan Eco.

  1. It reduces chemical and plastic waste – useful if you’re going plastic and chemical free.
  2. It’s safe and hypoallergenic, so you can clean with confidence.
  3. And it kills up to 99.999% of germs, so it’s powerful stuff.
  4. It will save you money – we think the return on your investment is quick.
  5. And finally, it’s certified to perform, so you can be confident it works.

Unboxing the Toucan Eco III

With the Toucan Eco III you get the one litre jug, activation unit, measuring spoon, stirring rod, atomiser spray bottle, adapter and plug, user instructions, and a bottle of salt to get you started.

The bottle is designed to atomise the solution into a mist-like spray for maximum coverage, and includes a kinetic continuous spray action.

And it all comes with a manufacturer-backed 1-year warranty. Watch this video that shows you what you get in the Toucan Eco III box:


How to operate

To make, simply fill the container with tap water, normal salt, then activate, which takes five minutes. And you can watch Steve explaining how this works, filmed in his very own, germ-free kitchen.


You can also download a useful operating guide that goes into a little more detail – How to operate Toucan Eco III.

How to clean with Toucan Eco III solution

It’s ideal for daily cleaning and is a multi-surface antibacterial disinfectant cleaner.  But, it doesn’t replace strong degreasers and descalers.

Download the how to clean with Toucan Eco guide – How to clean with Toucan Eco III.

Think of it as a multipurpose disinfectant cleaner. The solution will disinfect all hard surfaces and fabrics, killing up to 99.999% of bacteria.  And with a gentle pH of between 7.8 and 8.5 it’s a non-aggressive cleaner too, leaving a smear-free finish on glossy surfaces without any chemical residue.

Use it anywhere. There’s no need for one cleaner for the bathroom and another for the kitchen – and use it liberally as it’s virtually free.  It’s ready to use – so don’t dilute it or mix it with chemicals as it’s made at the perfect concentration.

No special equipment is needed – use whatever cloths, bottles and mops or scrubber dryers you normally use, again and again as we’re into reusing not wasting! But for best results use microfibre. And, once you’ve run out – or after five to seven days when the solution has reverted back to slightly salty water – you simply make more.

Why is Toucan Eco important?

With the huge amount of waste plastic bottles in our oceans and landfill, compounded by the news that the long-term use of cleaning chemicals can have an impact on your health, now means we need a sustainable way for the world to clean.

There is one now and Toucan Eco makes one litre of disinfectant cleaner that kills up to 99.999% of germs, that’s ideal for smaller workplaces and homes. It’s eco-friendly, effective and safe, and replaces most chemical cleaners and the single use plastic bottles they are supplied in.

Certified to EN 1276 and 13697, EU Biocide, food safe and non-toxic, the solution contains 99.9% water, hypochlorous acid and a low concentration of sodium hypochlorite at a gentle pH.

Enjoy using your Toucan Eco III 🙂

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  1. I run an events business and recently switched from isopropanol to Toucan Eco for our cleaning needs. I’m impressed by how easy it is to use and how much nicer it is to use compared to alcohol. Our clients prefer it too because it has no nasty odour. I also found the support staff very friendly and responsive.

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